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Android Menus
10 October 2010

Menus are one of the most important parts of any application and when it comes to mobile Menus become more important considering the fact that area available is restricted. Through this blog we will look at the following various type of Android Menus available with example for each of them. ... Read More

Android Async Task
1 August 2010

Through this article we will look at one of the important feature of Android i.e AsyncTask for performing task which takes long time for execution with example. Also we will look at other mechanisms and see why AsyncTask is better approach. ... Read More

Android Preferences
11 July 2010

Most of applications have some setting which user can/needs to configure, and to do this setting a screen needs to be designed along with code to read the data and display and update the data back. ... Read More
Considering the fact that available space on mobile screen is small, UI design of mobile application is very important. For Android each screen follows one or more layout. ... Read More