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Control Flows
1 January 2016

The best part of programming in Go is that there are not multiple ways of doing standard things and that makes reading code and understanding it easier. But at the same time as we saw in previous post Go follows different conventions which needs to be understood. ... Read More
In today's post we will learn basics of Go language like supported Types, how to declare and initialize variables and constants. Just like any other language, Go has its own way of declaring and initializing variables and constants. ... Read More

Introduction to GoLang
9 November 2015

GoLang is an open source language developed and backed by internet giant Google. GoLang is famously known as Go and that is how we are going to refer to in future. In 2007, Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike and Ken Thompson at Google started with experiment to develop a language that will have minimal of features ... Read More

Change Preference Summary
5 February 2012

In Today's post we are going to look at How to Change Summary of Edit Text Preference. ... Read More
Android provide various options for data persistence like Preferences, File and Database etc. This post we will introduce you to one of the option i.e. Android SQLite Database. ... Read More