Hello and Welcome to my website.


Born and brought up in Mumbai India, I completed my B.E. in Computers from Mumbai University. I have total 17+ years of experience in software development and working at one of the MNC in Mumbai India.


Worked mostly on Java and related techologies across various domains like e-Learning, B2B, Virtual Desktop and Finanace.
I have also tried my hands on Golang and Android and have been technical reviewer for few of the Android books. Visit Book Reviews section for more details.


Being an tech enthu, I like to learn new technologies and write tutorials and blogs on same. This way I can jot down my learning and enable others to read and learn.

Currently I am learning GoLang from Google and would share my learnings.


Special thanks to Romin Irani for playing a role of a Mentor and Reviewer for my blog posts. He has been mentor in true sense and always been their to guide me.

Thank You

Thank You for visiting my site, hope it solved the purpose of visit and learning.